Senator Peralta is the prime sponsor of the DREAM Act in the New York State Senate. The proposal would provide state college financial aid to students regardless of their immigration status. He continues to push for the passage of this bill as a top legislative priority in Albany.

While it has been frustrating to see the DREAM debate continue year after year, without seeing the Senate act on this issue, Senator Peralta believes that we will ultimately prove successful in this fight. For far too long, the State has treated undocumented New Yorkers as second-class students by disallowing them from participating in the Tuition Assistance Program. These students were brought to New York as children, through no fault of their own. It is simply unjust for us to punish these students, as they seek to build better lives for themselves and their families. DREAM also makes perfect sense economically: over the course of a lifetime, a college graduate will pay about $60,000 more in State taxes than a worker without a degree. The cost of DREAM would be only about $20,000 to each of these students. Everyone wins when this DREAM becomes a reality.