In response to the high number of hit-and-run accidents occurring in Queens, as well as the dangerous traffic conditions that continue to face residents, Senator Peralta has introduced several public safety measures that would bring real results home to the City.  Among these initiatives, he proposed that the City’s speed camera program be expanded beyond the 140 schools that are currently earmarked to include all school speed zones in New York City. The initial pilot program has proven extremely successful, as speeding was reduced by upwards of sixty percent where cameras were installed in just the first year of the program. He also believes that these cameras should be operational 24/7, as accidents are occurring around the clock. While understanding that traffic tickets are an annoyance, New Yorkers must act to ensure that schoolchildren and pedestrians are as free from reckless driving as possible. Senator Peralta, in addition, is carrying legislation in the Senate that would require the City to post crossing guards at every corner where a school is located and in session.