Correction Officers' Benevolent Association

“On behalf of the 20,000 men and women of the COBA, who comprise the second-largest law enforcement in the City of New York, I strongly believe that Senator Jose Peralta is the candidate in this race who will bring about real reform to enhance the security of our officers, which is why we are proud to endorse him for re-election. Senator Peralta’s experience in Albany and dedication to fighting for legislation for working New Yorkers has earned our respect and support. We trust that he will continue this important work in Albany and lend his voice in our continued fight to make the City’s jails safer for everyone. We hope District 13 will join us in supporting Jose Peralta on September 13th.” - COBA President Elias Husamudeen



New York State Nurses Association

“Our mission has always been to challenge corporate healthcare -- which looks to make a profit on the backs of sick people, and ensure that health services are available to all people in all communities. That is why we are endorsing Senator Jose Peralta for re-election to Senate District 13. He's an elected official who has always stood with us to protect against hospital and health clinic closures and to allocate the necessary funding so that we have the resources needed to provide top quality healthcare services to New York. NYSNA nurses are proud to support Senator Peralta, and we look forward to working with him to pass the New York Health Act and to meet other important legislative goals." - Marva Wade, RN, NYSNA Board Member and Chair, NYSNA PAC


Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA)

“At a time when the rights and benefits of working people are under attack across the nation, it is vitally important that we have elected officials who will partner with us in our fight for what is right. CSEA is proud to endorse Senator Peralta because he holds these same values and has proven it across the eight years he has served and the countless victories he has won on behalf of the labor community. Jose will be a strong partner in the Senate, and we are proud to continue working with him in Albany." - Lester Crockett, CSEA Metro Region President.


Transportation Workers Union Local 100

“On behalf of the hard working men and women of TWU Local 100, I am proud to extend our endorsement to Senator Jose Peralta on his re-election campaign. We need representatives who share our values and will fight for transportation workers when the going gets rough. In his time in Albany, Senator Jose Peralta has secured further investment in our aging signaling system, advocated for fair wages and benefits, and pushed for lead paint fixes to keep both our members and the city safe. These efforts are a testament to his tenacity and commitment to our great state, and he has earned our support. We look forward to seeing what else Senator Peralta will do in Albany to fight for our members." - Tony Utano, President of TWU Local 100.


Council of School Supervisors and Administrators

“The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators is proud to support Jose Peralta for re-election to the State Senate. Senator Peralta has been a strong voice for labor in Albany and has continuously fought to ensure working people the wages and protections they deserve. He successfully allocated millions in state funding to improve our public schools and to provide students with the programs and resources they need to be successful. We are confident Senator Peralta will continue to fight for New York’s school leaders and students, and we are proud to fight along with him." - Mark Cannizzaro, President of CSA.

TBI_BLAC_Logos-No Border.jpg

Black Leadership Action Coalition

“We have always known Senator Peralta to be an unyielding champion for his Queens community, and we are proud to be endorsing him, especially because he has stood with us and tenants during our LeFrak voter disenfranchisement case to ensure that residents have easy access to vote where they have for decades. He has shown where his true priorities lie." - Bertha Lewis, President and Founder of BLAC

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.54.51 PM.png

Senator Roxanne Persaud

“Senator Peralta has been and continues to be a fighter for affordable housing, increased tenant protections, and securing essential funding for our children’s education and futures. Everything that Jose has done has been for his district, and I am proud to endorse him today. We must be united alongside the leadership of Senator Stewart-Cousins if we want to win important victories on progressive issues for all New Yorkers."

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.55.20 PM.png

Senator Luis Sepulveda

“I’m proud to support Senator Peralta in his campaign for re-election this year. I know from working together in the past on legislation to provide immigrants with drivers licenses as well as the DREAM Act that he is an important ally in the Latino community and a leader in the Latino Caucus. As a united conference in the majority I know that we will continue to move New York forward."


Democratic Association of the 21st Century

“Our mission as an organization is to help get strong, bold leaders who will fight to produce an agenda that will help hard working New Yorkers. We look towards leaders who will work to create a country that is fair and just for all. We are proud to endorse Senator Jose Peralta for his re-election, for he has proven himself committed to the hard working people he represents. We need more elected officials who show Senator Peralta’s dedication to a just and progressive society." - Barbara Jackson, of the Democratic Association of the 21st Century


Frederick Douglass Club.

“We support Senator Jose Peralta in his re-election campaign because of his great work so far within our community. As an organization that values the safety and education of our children, Senator Peralta's continued efforts to add speed cameras in school zones has reflected his devotion to New York’s future leaders. Accompanied by the unprecedented $2.1 billion school funding increase and establishment of universal prekindergarten, Senator Peralta is surely the best option for improving our communities." - Antwaun Gavins, of the Frederick Douglass Club


The Pan-American Club

“Senator Peralta continuously stands up for his constituents by advocating for better communities and a united district. We are proud to endorse his re-election campaign and look forward to working with him as he fights for New Yorkers in Albany. We continue to advocate for the election of leaders who actually do the job they were elected to do. Senator Peralta will continue his public service as a leader in the Pan-American community as well as all other New Yorkers." - William Salgado, of the Pan-American Club


UNITEHERE! Local 100

“UNITEHERE! Local 100 is proud to endorse Senator Jose Peralta for his re-election campaign. Our over 10,000 members need representation in Albany from a leader who will fight for them when their rights and benefits are threatened. Senator Peralta has proven, through the legislation he has championed and the times when he has stood by our members, that he will fight for workers through his words and actions. We thank him and look forward to his continued efforts to stand up for us in Albany." - Jose Maldonado Secretary-Treasurer, UNITEHERE! Local 100.


IBEW Local 3

“In view of Senator Jose Peralta’s commitment to working families and strong support for labor, we believe that he has demonstrated the values that make him a candidate we in the trade union movement need in government. Therefore, the Executive Board of Local Union No. 3, IBEW has unanimously endorsed Senator Peralta for the NYS 13th Senatorial District. We are proud to stand with Jose as we work together to protect and uphold workers’ rights." - John E. Marchell, President of Local Union No. 3, IBEW



DC 37 Local 1549

“Local 1549 believes that no company could effectively exist without the hard work of the secretaries, clerical aides and employees alike, which is why Local 1549 has never ceased in fighting for these employees. When we think about these upcoming elections, we want a candidate who goes to battle for the rights of workers with the same vigor as we do, and that candidate is Senator Jose Peralta. Between passing the Paid Family Leave program and increasing the minimum wage, Senator Peralta has demonstrated that the rights of workers is his top priority. We are committed to supporting Senator Peralta’s re-election campaign because we believe that his presence in the Senate is an imperative step to our progress." - Eddie Rodriguez, President of Local 1549.



Mason Tenders District Council

"We've known Jose Peralta since his time as a worker advocate, then through the years in the Assembly and Senate. A true friend of New York's working men and women, Jose has had a hand in every significant piece of pro-worker legislation for the last decade. In these uncertain times, with Washington in turmoil, now more than ever we need legislators with the strength to stand up for New York State's workers, for our immigrant populations, and for the community as a whole. Jose Peralta is just such a man, and the Laborers Union is proud to strongly endorse him for re-election to the NYS Senate!" - MTDCPAC Director Mike McGuire


DC 37

“Just as Senator Jose Peralta has stood up for working men and women, we at DC 37 stand behind him in his re-election for New York State Senate. Jose shares our union’s values of economic and social justice, as well as a commitment to improving the lives of all New Yorkers. We look forward to our continued partnership on behalf of DC 37 members and all working New Yorkers." - Henry Garrido, Executive Director of DC 37.


Queens Borough President Melinda Katz

“I am endorsing Senator Jose Peralta to continue his great work in representing one of our Queens districts. Jose has time and again demonstrated his commitment to advancing the issues of our borough to create jobs, protect our immigrants, fund our schools, and support our working families. Jose will ensure Queens values are represented in Albany, and I look forward to further partnership to bring opportunity and prosperity to our borough."


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. 

"Throughout his career in the New York State Legislature, Jose Peralta has stood up for the needs of the most vulnerable. He has fought to expand legal protections for our DREAMers, to "Raise the Age" and keep our youth out of the prison pipeline, and to increase the minimum wage and give our working poor a chance to earn a decent living. We need people like Jose Peralta in the New York State Senate, and I urge my fellow Democrats to support him in the Democratic Primary for the 13th State Senate District."


Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic Conference Leader

“New York’s Democrats have united under one conference. I am proud to be able to move forward together as one entity to fight for a progressive future for all. As a team, we will be able to pass bold legislation like The Dream Act and shine a light on critical issues that impact the well-being of our constituencies. When Democrats vote, Democrats win! This September I will be supporting all of our incumbents, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside Senator Jose Peralta."


Queens County Democratic Party

“New Yorkers want to see their public officials fighting to advance progressive values and enact measures that will create good-paying jobs, expand access to health care, protect immigrants, and keep guns out of our schools and communities. The only way these goals will be accomplished is by working together to elect Democrats at every level of government. For this reason, the Queens County Democratic Party believes Jose Peralta is the right choice for District 13 and endorses his re-election.” - Queens County Democratic Party Executive Secretary Michael Reich


Assemblyman Jeff Aubry

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse my colleague and friend in the Senate, Jose Peralta. Working together in Albany, I have seen first hand his commitment and passion for issues that affect our community and New York as a whole. Having worked with him extensively, from bringing pre-k to Flushing Meadow Corona Park to fighting for increased affordable housing, I know him to be a true advocate for education, tenant protections, immigrants, and his constituents. There is no question he will continue to bring this tremendous work ethic and dedication as he serves another term in the State Senate."


Assemblyman Michael DenDekker

“I am happy to extend my endorsement today to Senator Jose Peralta in his run for re-election. He is a tireless public servant who has never ceased to advocate for public safety as well as our children, immigrants, and working families. I look forward to working alongside him to further uphold and advance community safety for all."

nystpba square.png

New York State Troopers PBA

“Our members serve, protect and defend the people of New York State while preserving the rights and dignity of all. Senator Peralta legislates with those same values in mind. It is with careful consideration that the PBA is endorsing Jose Peralta in his re-election for New York State Senate. The challenges facing members of the law enforcement community are greater than ever before, and we need individuals like Jose Peralta in leadership positions to help law enforcement officers better serve the residents of New York State." 

dc 9 square.png

DC 9 Painters

"Senator Jose Peralta is committed, as he has been throughout his life, to going to bat for every day New Yorkers, including our 11,000 members who rely on strong leaders in Albany, like Jose. Senator Peralta’s demonstrated commitment and loyalty to working families, especially to DC 9 members, is why he is the best candidate to represent our interests. Our unity makes us stronger, and we are ready to take on the tough fights with him to lead our state forward.”Davon Lomax, Political Director of DC 9.


Steamfitters Local 638

“The membership of Steamfitters Local 638 is proud to support Senator Peralta because we know he will continue to be a tenacious advocate for fair paying jobs, a strong voice for workers, and will work to develop a community that builds prosperity for all. By standing up for construction workers’ safety and urging the passage of safety legislation, he has shown himself to be a true friend of labor." - Pat Dolan, President and Business Manager of Steamfitters Local 638.


Steamfitters Local 832

“We here at Local 831 believe that clean streets equal safe streets, and there is no one who better exemplifies that than Senator Jose Peralta. Throughout his eight years in the Senate, Senator Peralta has proven himself to be an advocate for both sanitation workers and his constituents. His ability to secure 170 new garbage baskets for Roosevelt Avenue is just one example of the actions he has taken to clean up the streets of New York City. The 6,500 men and women of Local 831 are proud to throw our full support behind Senator Jose Peralta’s re-election campaign." - Harry Nespoli, President of Teamsters Local 831.


CWA Local 1180

“Today, on Equal Pay Day we offer our enthusiastic endorsement of Senator Jose Peralta’s re-election campaign. As a staunch supporter of equal pay for women and closing the wage gap, particularly for women of color, Jose Peralta has represented our members and working-class families effectively over the last eight years. He has been a fierce advocate on the Fight for 15 to ensure workers make a fair and living wage, and he continues to support and uplift immigrant communities, of which many of our members belong. CWA 1180 members know they can count on Senator Peralta to fight for their rights and benefits, and we are eager to get him re-elected come fall." - Gloria Middleton, President of CWA Local 1180.


Uniformed Firefighters Association

“New York City firefighters do an incredibly dangerous job, putting their lives at risk daily to protect New Yorkers. It's important for our members to have strong partners in Albany who will fight for their safety and rights. Senator Jose Peralta has been a tireless advocate for firefighters, sponsoring legislation to provide financial assistance to the families of firefighters who give their lives on the job. We are proud to support Senator Peralta for re-election and look forward to continuing to work side-by-side with him on behalf of New York's bravest." - UFA President Gerard Fitzgerald.


Uniformed Fire Officers Association

“Protecting the health, safety, and rights of fire officers throughout New York is of the utmost importance, and we are confident that Senator Jose Peralta will continue to support us, as he has done for the last eight years. His dedication to public safety and our officers and his advocacy for providing financial support to families of emergency responders killed on the job has proven to us that he is the champion we need in the Senate. We are proud to stand with him as he seeks re-election, and we hope to continue our good work together to benefit the people of New York." - Jake Lemonda, President of UFOA.


Plumbers Union Local 1

“The men and women of Local 1 are proud to throw our support behind a strong advocate for organized labor, Senator Jose Peralta. Over the course of his tenure in the Senate, he has made his progressive values clear by being a champion for working families through his dedicated efforts in the Fight for 15 and Paid Family Leave. He has ensured that the safety of our members and their ability to make a living wage remains a top priority. We are excited to stand with him as we work together to move New York forward." - Mike Apuzzo, Business Manager of Plumbers Local 1.



“We have worked closely with Jose since his time on the staff of the New York City Central Labor Council, as a member of the Assembly and in recent years as a member of the State Senate. In the legislature, he has championed key legislation that impacts not just RWDSU members, but all workers in New York State. His push this year for a bill to strengthen the Wage Theft Prevention Act would, if passed, help car wash workers, retail workers and food service workers recover stolen wages.  He has fought for on-call scheduling reform and an end to the tip credit for car wash workers among other priorities. We support Jose’s campaign and we stand with him as he has with us." - Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).